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By Dr Douglas Bridgewater


This is the story of Henley in Arden during the Great War and the years immediately preceding it,

covering many aspects of life in the town. Its people created and staffed a military hospital from

1914 to 1919, treating over 1,500 patients, only two of whom died. The book contains details of

some 200 local men who served in the armed forces, with information in most cases of their

families, their occupations, their service records and, for those who survived, their life after the

war. The stories of the Old Boys of the preparatory schools of Arden House and Beaudesert Park

who served in the Great War are also told. There are reports from the local Military Tribunal

which heard the cases and decided the fate of more than 50 men from Henley who maintained

that they should not be conscripted for active service. The last chapter looks at how Henley

chose to commemorate its fallen.


The hardback book, with over 150 illustrations, costs £19.95

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or collected from the Heritage Centre.


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